By: Derek Ladouceur



My travels with clients take me all over the city and into a lot of different restaurants and bars.

I spend a lot of time meeting with clients over a bite to eat at a nice restaurant or a quick bevie at a quaint pub. To say that I have a few spots that I really enjoy going to would be a bit of an understatement. For those that do not know I love to eat, and depending who I’m with love a great glass of wine or a cold beer.

I find that if I am in a particular area of the city to meet a client I will always suggest a place I know either the food is really good, the vibe of the place is great or simply the pints pour cold.

Because of this I have decided to give you my top 6 spots (3 in the west and 3 in the east) in the city I like to go to meet clients for either a bite to eat or a great bevie.

NUMBER 6 – Bar Wellington

This place is great all year round but I love it in the summer! Their patio is quaint, right across from the park and still in the heart of the action. You almost feel like you are having a drink at a neighbourhood bar but in a neighbourhood that just happens to be the hippest place in the city.

NUMBER 5 – Brazen Head

I have probably 10 clients living in Liberty Village and am constantly showing condos here. I love this place! Great food options and a great pint of Guinness. The pub is spread out over 2 floors and can get slammed before and after a TFC game or Wolfpack game. Definitely worth a drive over to grab a pint or a bite to eat.

NUMBER 4 – Belfast Love

Another bar in the King and Portland area but a great bar! I love taking clients here. This place has a ton of pints to choose from I am guessing over 40 different taps. It gets busy so if you are meeting a client best to do over lunch. If you are in the neighbourhood and love a great crowd of people and a great laid back atmosphere then definitely check this place out.

NUMBER 3 – The Auld Spot

I love everything about this place. My wife and I pretty much lived here when we first started dating and since then I have taken a ton of clients here when we are house hunting in the east end. Food is ridiculously good, and the drinks are amazing. The vibe in here is incredible! There is not one bad thing you can say about this place. Staff are great, the owner Nathan is a great guy and you know it is a good spot when on a Monday night they are packed.

NUMBER 2 The Balmy Beach Club

I know I know, it is a private club that not everyone can go to. But it is one of my favourites so I have to put it in. Any client I show homes to in the beaches I take here. If they are new to the area I can take them here and show them what they would be missing if they didn’t buy in the area. This spot has literally the patio and best views in the city. Gorgeous views of the lake as it is right on the water and the sunsets are killer. Top that with the fact that you probably cannot find a less expensive pint of beer anywhere else or any other drink for that matter.

NUMBER 1 – The Gull and Firkin

I know it is a Firkin and right now you are cursing me for throwing a chain pub on this list, but I do it with good reason. The owners Neil and Dana are incredible! They do a lot to support the community they are gracious in their generosity and they are incredibly accommodating. I throw a few fundraisers there every year and they are the best opening up their doors for me to do it. Their staff is amazing and Neil who runs the kitchen always puts some killer specials up that you would not typically get at any other Firkin. It doesn’t hurt that this is my local and I get treated really well in there either.

That’s it my friends. I know there are a ton of spots that I am leaving out. Believe me, it pains me because there are others I wanted to put in. I selected these because I have taken a lot of clients to these particular spots. So if you are thinking of buying or selling in the near future and want to discuss the market or your home let me know. We can meet at one of these fine establishments for a drink and discuss.

Have a great rest of the week.

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