The Strike

By: Derek Ladouceur

The Strike

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I do not typically weigh into subjects like this. I have my views but keep them to myself. I do however have a lil monkey that is at home with me when she should be in school, therefore I feel the need to say something.

I want my daughter to be in school learning. We all want our children in school learning. Correct? This is not a new revelation.

I also want my daughter’s teachers happy and wanting to go to work every day to teach my daughter. I want my daughter to be able to call her teacher over to her desk to ask for help and her teacher to be able to give her that one on one help.

My daughter was one of the lucky ones to enjoy full-day kindergarten. Was this important to us as a family? Of course, it was!! Did it benefit my daughter? Of course, it did!! Why would it not? Should this be thrown out to save some money? Personally, I don’t think so. My daughter benefited from it so I think all kids should.

If you do not have a child do you care? Maybe you do…. Maybe you don’t. But I can assure you as a parent that has had their child enrolled in it she is a better student for it. That is what you should care about. In my humble opinion.

Special education programs are essential in schools. Not everyone learns at the same level. Some kids have special needs, others learning disabilities. Should they be punished because the government wants to save money? Absolutely not! Is there a happy medium between both sides so that the government can save some money and special educators can get the resources they need? Absolutely there is. But both sides have to come together and understand that there will have to be some small sacrifices.

With regards to wages. I have seen a lot about this. People going on about teachers have summers off, and tons of breaks throughout the year so why should they get more than the 1% being offered by the Province.

Well, let me start by saying that 1% is less than the cost of inflation. Teachers are asking for 2% to be in line with inflation.

I know that the average salary for a teacher in Ontario for 2018/2019 was $90,469.00. Looking at the number it looks like a lot. When I first read it I thought it looked like a lot. Keep in mind that’s the average. Meaning there are a lot of teachers making much less.

You are going to have your views on this. I will probably not change that view on how much teachers should make. You will either agree that they deserve 2% or you will think I am out to lunch on this and they make too much.

End of the day what I want is for my child to get the best education possible. I want your child to get the best education possible. If you do not have kids, well honestly you should want our children to get the best education possible. It will save on resources down the road.

I have no issue paying more to ensure our kids get what they have a right to get, a great education!

My two cents for what it’s worth. I have no issue stating my opinion. Sometimes it's to my detriment but oh well. Too late now.

Happy hump day!!

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